Norwegian heavy lift and crane solutions specialist EFG Scandinavia defies the Covid-19 slump and gears up in Sweden. The member of the German EMS-Fehn-Group will contribute to yet another wind farm project in the Markbygden area. Accordingly, EFG Scandinavia will now have three gigantic cranes of the CC3800 type up north. „We are proud of being a reliable and flexible partner for our clients,“ says managing director Tom-Roar Solhaug. „Mobilizing a third CC3800 crane on rather short notice was a challenge – but we are happy to have accepted it.“

The cranes of impressive dimensions are needed to set up windmills. They can lift components of up to105 tons to a height of 140 meters. Each CC3800 itself weighs around 1000 tons. The experienced EFG Scandinavia teams are responsible for rigging them up, operating and moving them around in demanding territory. „We are talking about roughly 30 truck loads when taking one of the big cranes from one location to another,“ says Solhaug. „And to erect a CC3800, two smaller cranes are needed.“

To get the three CC3800 from several European countries to Sweden, EFG Scandinavia could rely on the know-how and assets of two of its German sister companies: EMS Log, based in Bremen and specialized in project logistics, and the heavy haulage experts from Europatrans, Lübeck. One of the CC3800 is now located in Bjørkhøjden, Sweden, another is in action outside of Piteå, Sweden. The third crane is currently underway to Piteå, as well. In addition to the three giants, EFG Scandinavia has several further mobile and crawler cranes in use. They vary in size from 100 to 300 tons.